I need you to…


  1. 365. I need 365 special supporters, mainly from Plymouth, but also from my life, each representing one day of the walk. I hope that they spread the word.
  2. I need to know what events are taking place in Plymouth, during my year away. Every day that I am on the road I am going to remark on what is going on ‘back home’ – the pancake breakfasts, rotary auction, garden club events, charity runs, fundraisers, town meeting, local election, weddings. I am going to be the town crier, just do my crying from a distance.
  3. I need 20 people willing to host a potluck supper at their homes. They’ll invite a dozen or so people to come (hopefully those who are part of the 365), so that I can talk with them about home, and record those conversations.
  4. I need to sell 365 Cicada pins. The symbol of my walk is the cicada: a creature that appears as if it should be able to fly but actually just leaps, from tree to tree, singing as if it doesn’t have a care in the world. I could tell you a story about cicadas, their symbolism, but lets just say I feel a connection to them.
  5. I need to find individuals, organizations, companies and others willing to give me money (ooh, that’s direct). There will be two ways of doing this. Direct donations of support before I begin, and a charitable component when I am underway.
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am being sponsored by the 501C3 charity, the Plymouth Task Force to End Homelessness. It’s a great fit. All donations will go through them, be fully tax deductible and, after I have enough to support the walk itself, any donations thereafter (and, likely, during the year-long walk, will go to the Task Force and their efforts to fund transitional homes, house people overnight during the fall and winter, and end homelessness in Plymouth.
  7. I also would like in-kind support from those individuals or businesses in the community that I already rely on – plumbers, electricians, ‘the well guy,’ someone to plow my 200 foot driveway when I am away. I would hope that these businesses would commit to a certain dollar value over the year for services, for which they could claim to be an ‘official WalkingHome Hometown Supporter.’
  8. I need letters of support that I can show to potential large donors or, if you know of an organization that might support me, that you make the contact for me.
  9. I need a variety of other in-kind support: advice, technical assistance, photographers and videographers, mentions on your Facebook page, followers on Twitter (@HeWentThataway). I hope that outdoor equipment companies will donate most if not all of the specialized equipment I might need.
  10. I need you to go to WalkingHome.US and comment.
  11. I need people to walk with me. I will reserve Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for walking alone, but on the other four days of the week I would welcome company and conversation.

I need a lot. For some reason not altogether rational, I believe it will all work out.

1000 days

One of the most treasured, and under-appreciated ecological treasures of my hometown Plymouth, are the Pine Barrens. The second largest example of the "Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens" ecosystem is found in Plymouth, and stretches east on to Cape Cod and the Islands.My limited computational skills suggest that Wednesday, March 2 will mark 1000 days before I step out of the Pacific and begin “WalkingHome.”

I am going to mark that occasion with, fittingly, a little walk.

I estimate that to achieve my goal of taking an entire year to walk across the country I will need to average about 12 miles a day for 365 days (my path across the continent will meander from south to north in a kind of wave pattern). So, to mark this date I plan to walk about 12 miles – from my home in the woods of south-central Plymouth, to Pilgrim Hall in downtown Plymouth.

Once at Pilgrim Hall, I will set up my tent and spend the night, right there on Court Street (formerly the King’s Highway).

I am also working with Pilgrim Hall’s new director, Dr. Donna Curtin, to have a little get together at the Hall where, hopefully, friends and supporters can drop by and share their thoughts about their concept of home (is it where they live now, where they lived as a child, where they hope to be at some point in their lives?)

I also hope that some of you will walk with me, as I walk to Pilgrim Hall that day, and share your thoughts, offer your advice…

Yes, the start of WalkingHome is a long way off but I have a lot of work to do, a lot of preparation, a lot of thinking and talking and walking to do before then. I hope you’ll join me.