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It’s less than two years away. I have been talking about this – first to a few people, of late to anyone I meet – for over three years. Maybe I’ve been trying to convince myself, but I’m not turning back now.

In the last two or three months the reality of what I am attempting has caught up with my rhetoric. I have begun to ask for money (not as often as many people are telling me I should, but I am asking), I have formed a committtee (me and you, right?), I have set up a crowdrise fundraising site ( that will raise money for the homeless and I have come to realize that the idea has evolved from a kind of walk of appreciation for the community, to one that I hope will celebrate the full breadth of what transforms a town into a hometown.

In the time since the idea first came to me in the afterglow (or was that frostbite) of that last sunrise of 2013 when 500 of you came out at 6:15 in the morning (17 degrees) I have come to realize that its not just caring people, its not just dedicated community groups, its not just natural beauty, its not just a shared history, and its not just our unique and fragile environment that comprise community: its all of those things together.

I was going to have celebrate one person from Plymouth – and my life – on every day of the walk, all 365 days: but now I realize I want to tall every day of the walk about so much more.

I could probably talk about a different species of flora or fauna that can be found in my hometown, Plymouth, every day of the walk.

I could probably recount a different, fascinating bit of Plymouth history (if Donna Curtin helps me) on every day of the walk.

I could… but I am hearing my experienced friends telling me, ‘Frank, you’re rambling again: get to the point.”

During my mini-walk a short time ago the generosity of friends – and strangers – made a week-long hike around town into a very special experience: a hint of things to come.

They’re right of course. And the point right now, is that my goals for the walk have expanded so that even I realize I need a little help.

So from this day forward, every 4th Sunday of the month (next month is Feb., so it will be the third Sunda, the 25th) and I will host (at SEMPBA headquarters at 204 Long Pond Road) a WalkingHome committee meeting.

Starting at 3 p.m., I am inviting anyone interested in helping me make this walk a success to show up at that address and do a little work: write letters, make phone calls, contact businesses – anything you can do to help.

Of course if you’d like, you don’t have to wait until next month. In any case if you’d like to help either show up Feb. 25 or contact me through my private email (

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