At the library

Maybe I’ll start around Dana Point: looks like an easier route to the desert.


I have no one on the ground in Southern California – where the walk will start – so just looking at the map (and talking to a Dana Point librarian) I’ve decided it would be better to have a more southerly departure point. In late November I shouldn’t go west on 40 (Rte 66) because that will take me through the mountains and into a bit of snow (I’m told) so I’ll head toward Blythe and perhaps make a beeline for Phoenix. The fun part is talking with local librarians. getting their insights (hopefully their support). As it turns out Sharl Heller’s mother lives in Dana Point: but that wasn’t part of the decision. That kind of coincidence though, that kind of connection will be critical. I want, and need, to have people watching out for me: alerting others to my presence.  Librarian Paula Becker, at Dana Point, was very helpful.

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