La la la la la Bombas!

La la la la la Bombas! I am very excited to say that Bombas, makers of the world’s most comfortable socks, has agreed to support my walk… And when I say support my walk I mean support me, from the ground up, with socks. As many as it takes. Their mission has always been supporting the homeless: they donate a pair of socks for every pair they sell (they’re up to over 8.5 million and counting last I checked), so they saw that my walk was literally a good fit to their mission. How many pairs of socks will that mean? It’s hard to say, so just say as  many as it takes. Naturally I hope they add a little cushion to that, a little extra support for my particular cause (The Plymouth Task Force to End Homelessness). But regardless I am very grateful for their generosity. I thank them. My feet thank them. And you can thank them by… well, you’ll figure it out.

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