Diary: June 15, 2018

Walking Home Diary
June 15, 2019

I’m looking for more ‘Days,’ my name for the individuals and organizations that I will carry with me as I walk across the country.
I have about 50 now, but I need 365.
If you’re new to WalkingHome a brief explanation.
I am walking across the country to celebrate community.
I am gathering ‘Days,’ the people and the organizations that I know are already working hard to build and maintain a sense of community in their hometown.
I want one for every day of my walk, my year-long walk.
I know you’re out there.
I’d love to have your support but that’s not a requirement.
I simply want to be able to say, every day, if someone asks me why I am walking, ‘because of Dorie Stolley,’ or because of the Sunrise Rotary, the Fragment Society, Glorianna Davenport…
Of course the Plymouth Task Force to End Homelessness is on that list as well.
I could easily fill up that year – between Nov. 23, 2018 and Nov. 28, 2019 – with the names of people and organizations that I know but I need you to agree to it.
And then, when you do, I’d like you to write me a brief commentary (one or two paragraphs, or a picture or video) that explains why you love your community or what you love about, or even what you’re doing to make it better.
I’ve asked for this before but now it’s more critical. I am less than six months away from the start.
Here’s a partial list of my ‘Days,’ so you’ll know that, if you select a day, you’ll be in good company.
Brian and Barbara Alosi, The Muratore family, Betsy Hall, Ginnie Davis, Melissa Arrighi, Bill Vickstrom, Bill and Diane Harting NAMI, Sharl Heller, Evelyn Strawn and Diane Sanford.
There’s still plenty of room, and if you don’t want your name on the list you can still support the walk in a number of ways now, and when I am on the road.

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