Quartz Hill, California

We might have another winner.. Quartz Hill, California – is less than 10 miles from my route through the California desert – and my friend Karen Edwards has relatives there! This is how it’s supposed to work, kind of like a mobile version of six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. And if I can hopscotch from a friend of a friend from the west coast home, doesn’t that say something about how close we all are – despite the differences the little snow forts we spend so much time building?

Who do you know along my route? You might be surprised: check it out: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/547144?units=km

Stuff I want…

Besides donations to the Task Force I’d like to get my Prius ready for my cross-country trip (www.CapeAutoService.com), some healthy trail mix sent to post offices across the country as I walk back (www.healthyappetites.com), shoes, shoes and more shoes (www.marathonsports.com/locations/plymouth), a new sleeping bag, backpack tent and the like (https://www.rei.com/stores/hingham.html), someone to get my WordPress website (www.WalkingHome.US) in shape for my walk, a list of Rotary clubs on the route that I might visit, speak at (http://plymouthrotarysunriseclub.org/), the same for Lions Clubs (www.theplymouthlions.org), everyone in town to ‘sign’ my car (ask me about it), a list of your friends and family along the way If they might take me in, feed me, fill my water bottle) (here’s my route: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/547144?units=miles) and be there at The Takeoff (www.facebook.com/events/678515259183354/).

I might even want to get a tattoo of my logo… donated of course.

Anything you can do to help, anything, would be appreciated.

The Big Kiss-Off, Bon Voyage, Pot-Luck Breakfast and Bye-Bye, Sunday, Nov. 4…

The big kiss-off!

I’d like to try and re-create that morning almost five years ago, when 500 or so of you showed up for my last sunrise picture of the year. The occasion this time will be my departure (by car) to California where I’ll begin the walk that was inspired by that frosty morning. (WalkingHome.US)

If you were there, or not, if you support my walk or just love Plymouth, set aside Sunday morning, November 4 for a big potluck breakfast, bon voyage, what the heck is he doing? party beginning… at 9 a.m.

Yes, I’m not asking that you show up before sunrise again: this time you can get a good night’s sleep, shower, rush off to buy (or bake) some muffins or other breakfast goodie (enough to share with the people on your left and right) and help me give WalkingHome a big send-off.

As the day draws near I am starting to see the response I hoped for happening, through donations to the Task Force to End Homelessness (https://www.crowdrise.com/walkinghome/fundraiser/frankmand), and community participation (The Plymouth schools will make my walk part of their staff wellness program this year).

What can you do – besides show up Nov, 4? Plenty. I’ll be looking for support of any kind along the way (route at: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/547144?units=km), local businesses that will put jars for donations in their stores, people willing to do any kind of fundraising as I walk, shares on Facebook.

If you go to WalkingHome.US now, and to the page “Where’s Frank Now” there is a link you can copy that will always tell you (as long as my phone has a charge) where I am. It’s on now and if you look at it you’ll see that I am writing this from South Station, waiting for a bus to Albany!

Please: this began with my amazement at feeling, for the first time in my life, that I was part of a community. I am going to walk across the country for a year to search for the roots of community. I need my community’s support.

Let me know you’ll be there: go to HERE and sign up!


(FYI: he picture above represents my sunrise pictures of 2013, and the one in the background is the first, taken at Ellisville Harbor, Jan 1, 2013.)

Frank Mand_cicada.jpg