Get On My Back!

A front row seat. Here’s where you go. Your story of your home, or hometown, or the hidden place where you feel most safe, strong, grounded.IMG_3056

I want 365 of you – friends, family, Plymoutheans to find that place, write about it (briefly) and take a picture of you there.

I don’t want a Chamber of Commerce blurb, or an advertisement for your business: I want to hear about a special, personal place or space.

I can only carry what I really need. I have to travel light. So give me what I need to get home. Give me a little piece of the place you call home.

(Since I first wrote this, I’ve gotten a little more specific)

If you agree to be one of the 365 I’d ask you to send me three or more of the following:

  • Pictures of a place you consider home,
  • written memories that suggest what made that place special,
  • recipes that remind you of home,
  • a plant or animal that came from your home,
  • an historic footnote that speaks to a home or hometown’s traditions
  • and a special person or organization that epitomizes community to you.

I will reference one of these snapshots every day of the walk, and in that way carry Plymouth and my life with me as I explore what home means to the people I will meet on my walk across America.

-Who am I talking to? You of course. Gail (my first official donor), Eileen. Mary of course. Winslowhand, Sharl & Rick, Joan and Sam, brother Bob and his son Patrick, son Robert, daughter Amanda and Cormac of course (you can walk, can’t you kid?), Mike & Patty, Mike and Cathy, Gerry Wright, David Gould, Glorianna (a name you have to sing!), AEiou Ellis, Connie-D, delerious Donna Curtin, Biggie Arrighi (your rap name), Baroness Dravenstadt, Dinah O, Tim ‘are you still in Oregon’ Brannan, ‘Eddie’ Evelyn Strauss, Danny and Sally (long time no see) Sullivan, Karen and Ken by the Buechs, Sue (still in my heart) Stewart, Malcolm and ‘no relation’ Zelda MacGregor, Robbie ‘say hey’ Haigh, select selectoids (Kenny T, an early adopter), various pols including Vin the small dee and Matt ‘one T’ Muratore, The Fiends I mean Friends, of Burial Hill (Cheryle and June), Der Kriegel… how many’s that? Who’d I miss? I need 365. I haven’t forgotten you. Walk with me, or give me a wallet-sized you to stuff into my backpack!

2 thoughts on “Get On My Back!

  1. Frank

    I forgot about this. Please keep me apprised of your progress. Have you approached Plymouth-centric businesses like Mayflower Brewery? I am close to the owners of Harpoon Brewery (now employee owned, but I helped found a road race at the brewery that has raised over $1.5 million for ALS research and I am good friends with the President of the company). I have done some fundraising and will try and come up with some ideas- best of luck.

    • (Just saw this among all the spam email I get on the WalkingHome.US website)

      Hey thanks Larry: I am just getting in gear with the promotion of this, contacting and hopefully associating this effort with groups like the Lions and Rotary, etc., to have contacts across the country. As it is called WalkingHome, I hope to have sponsors from local businesses that take care of the home (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.). Let me know if there is anything you need to know about my plans, etc. Note that my usual ‘Last Sunrise of the Year’ event (which has become a way to promote the walk) is at Wildlands Trust this year. Contact me directly at, or 774-454-0856. Frank

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