The Journey

IMG_2988I’m WalkingHome, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from California to Plymouth, Massachusetts, my hometown.

I’m not sure yet, just where I will walk. I’m waiting to hear from you, about your home, about what you think I ‘have to see,’ what you can show me.

I will begin, the plan now, somewhere in Southern California – probably somewhere between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Right now I am thinking from the Pacific near Simi Valley to Tucson, up to connect to the old Route 66, through to Oklahoma City, bending north perhaps through the Ozarks heading toward S. Louis. Then diagonally across the country through Illinois, Indiana, Southern Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York  before entering the walking the length of Massachusetts.

I estimate about 3500 miles, give or take, and want to do that in exactly a year: leaving the west coast on November 28 and arriving back home on Thanksgiving Day, 2019.

I’ll vary the path to meet and greet folks that are willing to show me around their homes, maybe put me up for the night (or show me a great place to camp out), and if I get up every morning early enough to watch the sunrise I should be finishing the day’s hike around noon – plenty of time to meet  you, see  your hometown, your ‘favorite view’ and still get to bed in time to rest my aged bones.

Hear that (not bones creaking)? If I get off to an early start each day there will be plenty of time for you to show me around. Time for you to get in touch and arrange to meet  up with me, or walk along for a few miles. I hope to have friends from home, new friends from the roads, poets, songwriters and philosophers walk and talk along with me.

I’ll try to narrow down my route soon but in the end it will depend on you.

Write me, and tell me about your home. Send me a picture.

UPDATE –  The route is nearly set: right now from Ventura,  California, along Route 66, across the Mississippi and a year later, home again. Here’s a link to a map of the basic route. If you have friends or colleagues that live anywhere nearby (50 miles north or south of the line) let them know I’m coming. You can estimate when I’ll be by by dividing the miles from Ventura (shown on the map) by ten (I’m walking about 10 miles a day).

Frank Mand

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